Dan Rather rolling over in his grave

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I remember watching an investigative report a couple years ago by Dan Rather. In it, he demonstrated quite clearly that one of the 3-4 missile defense projects at the time had a flawed design and didn't have much chance of hitting the target missiles. He didn't quite draw the conclusion that such projects must therefore be hopeless and an evil waste of money fabricated by Republicans to draw money away from the bloated and wasteful social programs he thinks are guaranteed by absolute rights, but that's what he wanted his audience to conclude. My brother, who works on one of the other projects in development, immediately pointed out that the other projects in the works aren't even based on the same principle, and Rather must have gone and picked the one that was the dimmest prospect. For similar criticisms to Rather's, see this rant from a couple years ago and what Arianna Huffington had to say early last year. Well, they just had a successful test. As usual, I can't find any references to it anywhere except this one, including the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and the supposedly conservative-slanted Fox News. Oh, and I'm aware that Dan Rather isn't in his grave yet, but his news outlet pretty much is.

Update 19 Dec: My brother, who works in the field, says the program on the Rather special turned around right after that and is the leading program now in terms of success rates. Hmm.

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